Business Energy

Our core business is to help all organisations to reduce energy consumption by providing a professional, efficient consultancy service.

We are fully aware of the demands of running a business and the burden of having to look for a suitable energy deal as well as all other energy related tasks.

We are very proud to say no other consultancy service will give you the level of package that we will offer.

Expert energy advice from our team of energy assessors and consultants can help reduce costs for any business.


Initial energy audit, we will check your meter, bills and tariffs for potential savings.

Broker the best deal for your business from our wide range of suppliers, analysing the market and negotiating on your behalf. We can be relied upon to always negotiate the best market rate for your business.

All businesses receive an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) once on board,  which benchmarks the building against similar businesses and provides material improvements that can be made to reduce energy consumption. The cost of a commercial EPC is £250

For the length of the term of the contract we will provide the annual gas safety checks or the air conditioning inspection (TM44) as part of any deal.  These services run into the thousands annually.

Ongoing account management and customer service. This includes making sure businesses have a smart meter installed, continued energy monitoring, providing the best professional advice on any energy related issues. We have over 5 years in the sector and can assist with everything. Our customer service is local and we are always happy to help.

Using the recommendations from the EPC and our energy consultant’s audit of the business to come up with a Energy Savings Proposal. This can be tailored to your business and measures such as Solar PV, Biomass, New Condensing Boilers and insulation measures can be costed and compared against energy savings and a payback in years worked out. The cost of energy audits for large businesses starts at £500.

Our portfolio of businesses range from an alterations sewing shop to a manufacturing plant, we are happy to help any business owner cut their energy spend.

To receive a quote for Energy Performance Certificates, please complete our form and we will get back to you asap.

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